UCBPD Make First Arrest At Today’s Open Occupation

Just moments ago a group of 5 UCPD officers detained a man at the Tolman Hall occupation for allegedly striking a police officer earlier in today’s scuffles.

With a dispersal notice immanent, those that are still inside Tolman Hall and are calling for everyone to come support them.

End the repression!

Disband UCPD!




2 responses to “UCBPD Make First Arrest At Today’s Open Occupation

  1. Cal Chancellor Birgeneau is the problem: not UCBPD. UC Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau’s ($500,000 salary) grotesque waste of public money: recruits out of state $50,600 foreign students that displace qualified Californians from public university; spends $7,000,000 + for consultants to do his senior management’s work (prominent East Coast university accomplishing same at 0 cost); pays ex Michigan governor $300,000 for lectures; Latino enrollment drops while out of state jumps 2010 ( M Krupnick Contra Costa Times); tuition to Return on Investment (ROI) drops below top 10; QS ranking below top ten: NCAA places basketball program on probation: absence institutional control.

    Chancellor Birgeneau’s fiscal track record is dismal indeed.

    Birgeneau would like to blame the politicians, since they stopped giving him every dollar asked for, & the state legislators do share some responsibility for the financial crisis. But not in the sense he means. Every year Birgeneau would request a budget increase, the timid President, Regents would agree to it, and the legislature would provide. The hard questions were avoided by all concerned, & the inefficiencies just piled up to $150 million.

    It’s not that Birgeneau was unaware that there were, in fact, waste during his 8 year reign. Faculty & staff raised issues with Birgeneau however, when they failed to see relevant action taken, they stopped. Finally, Birgeneau engaged expensive ($7,000,000 +) consultants to tell him what he should have known as a leader or been able to find out from the bright, engaged people. (Prominent east-coast University accomplishing same at 0 costs)

    We are sympathetic to the frustration of UC Chancellors running their campuses with declining state money. Cal. has been badly damaged by Birgeneau. Good people are loosing their jobs. Cal’s senior leadership is either incompetent or culpable

    Recommendation: You never want a crisis to go to waste. Increasing Cal’s budget is not enough; Birgeneau continues making gaudy expenditures. Honorably retire Cal. Chancellor Birgeneau

    Email opinions to uc board of regents marsha.kelman@ucop.edu

    (The author who has 35 years’ consulting experience, has taught at University of California Berkeley, where he was able to observe the culture & the way senior management work)

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