Admin Caucus attempts to invalidate recent UAW 2865 election results

This shit is off the wall.  Take a look:

our opinion is that the election is tainted and that allowing this election to stand as legitimate could do serious long-term damage to the reputation and function of our union.

And again:

And so it is with a profound sense of personal and professional obligation to the integrity of the union that we are protesting this election and requesting that it be set aside and re-run.

Amazing.  So if you can’t actually win an election with the popular vote, declare it invalid and hope you win the next time around?  Look at how ridiculous some of these allegations are.

This is why it is a very serious violation of the Election Committee protocol that one slate’s supporters (AWDU) was left alone with the ballot boxes for 4-5 days, after the elections committee felt compelled to suspend counting on April 30.

The Admin Caucus dominated elections committee suspended the election unilaterally and without quorum.  AWDU supporters locked the ballots in a room at UCLA and set up a webcam monitoring the ballots for the duration of the time they were left unattended.  There were no AWDU members in there with the ballot boxes.  Another crazy allegation:

poll worker at the Sather Gate voting location at UC Berkeley was reaching into a wide-open ballot box during polling hours on April 27

We can’t believe they have the audacity to try to get this photo clearly taken before the polls opened to qualify as an impropriety.  Preposterous.  The poll worker is setting up the ballot box before the polls opened for the day.  As we’ve explained before, this is pretty obvious if you look at the sunlight coming from the east in the picture.  There’s no basis for counting this out of context photograph as evidence of anything, tampering or otherwise.  If AC/USEJ can point to any more specific evidence of fraud on display in the photograph that we’re just too dense to comprehend, we’d be happy to hear it.  We’re waiting.

Read the entire set of Admin Caucus/USEJ allegations culminating in an attempt to invalidate the entire election here.  The Graduate Students Association at UCLA has already issued a response which we’re reposting in full below:

UAW Elections Update: Congratulations and Concerns

May 16, 2011 – 1:30am

UCLA GSA Officers congratulate UAW local 2865 members across the UCs on making history with the most recent internal union election. We are looking forward to working with the new leadership, which at the state level encompasses primarily the Academic Workers for a Democratic Union caucus (AWDU), and at the local level encompasses primarily United for Social and Economic Justice (USEJ).

Further, we commend the resolve and extraordinary commitment of the activists who worked to preserve the integrity of the election and see that all votes were finally counted.

Unfortunately our congratulation comes with some troubling news. Approximately two weeks ago we attempted to provide clarity to these increasingly convoluted elections by providing our analysis. One of our worries at that time was that USEJ seemed to be pursuing a self-interested strategy designed to invalidate large swaths of votes. We regret to inform you that the recently ousted USEJ incumbents have now made invalidation of the entire election their official position. This is, at best, an attempt to redefine their loss as something other than a reflection of the vote count and at worst confirmation of our prior fear.

We hope that the new leadership is capable of resolving whatever election-related issues remain outstanding without taking the drastic step of holding new elections. We acknowledge that addressing remaining challenges may or may not reveal that some officers were elected improperly thus requiring their removal. We have faith that remaining issues can be addressed fairly, consistently, and in compliance with union bylaws without disregarding the will of a majority of voters and throwing out properly elected leaders.

This election mobilized hundreds of previously inactive students and should be put to rest as what it was, a proud moment in the history of UAW local 2865 for all involved. With the prospect of further budget upheaval looming, GSA is eager to begin the productive work of defending and improving public education alongside the leaders and members of UAW Local 2865

We implore those interested to seek more information at the source and to refer to our earlier analysis.


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