Hunger strikers join forces with AFSCME workers in picket at I-House

The hunger strikers from the coalition to defend Ethnic Studies, African American Studies, and Gender and Women’s Studies — now in day 8 of their fast — marched up Bancroft to International House where they met picketing service workers from AFSCME 3299 and their allies.  I-House dining hall workers have repeatedly called on Chancellor Birgeneau to end short-staffing and resultant speed-up, but he has yet to respond.  Weathering the administration’s union-busting tactics, these workers are now making $22,000 annually, and the management has the nerve to try to implement speed-up.  Oh hell no!  AFSCME rank-and-file, staffers, students, and allies from UAW 2865, UAW 1700, and Labor Notes, as well as City Councilmember Kriss Worthington, picketed in front of an end of the year I-House gala, receiving supporting honks from passersby and ice-cold stares from the cops surveilling the premises.

No cuts to Ethnic Studies!

No poverty wages for UC workers!

Speed-up?  Oh hell no, not for $22K!

Show our I-House comrades some love by contacting executive director Martin Brennan and telling him to treat these workers with respect.  No intimidation tactics, no use of staffing agencies or abuse of temporary workers, and no union-busting!  Give him a call at (510) 642-9468, or else drop him an email at


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