UAW 2865 vote count to resume on Thursday

This just in from our comrades in AWDU:

We have just learned that the elections committee of our local convened today at 12:30pm and agreed to restart the counting at 9am on Thursday (5/5)! This is a huge victory for rank-and-file members who joined or supported the sit-in at the statewide offices in Berkeley and LA and for everyone who helped with emails, media contacts, petitions and with securing support from progressive faculty and labor activists!! By drawing on the proud tradition of rank-and-file activism and direct action in the US labor movement, the tradition which built the UAW in the first place, members made clear that they would not stand by and allow themselves to be disenfranchised.

AWDU candidates and supporters look forward to the resumption of the count and will be present to help ensure it proceeds without unnecessary delays or suspensions. It has been our position all along that win or lose, AWDU is committed to an elections process that is free and fair, and that allows ordinary members to decide how their union should be run, and by whom. Given the extraordinary and outrageous circumstances in which the count was suspended, we plan to continue the sit-in until the voting process is fully complete and a certified result has been issued.

Count the votes immediately and unconditionally! 

All power to the rank-and-file!


4 responses to “UAW 2865 vote count to resume on Thursday

  1. This is a link to the open letter to all union members on both side of our union conflict from Dawn Huisman of the election committee. I hope everyone gets a chance to read this.
    Bob Long
    Doctoral Candidate
    Department of History
    University of California, San Diego

  2. This is a link to an open letter sent today from Fawn Huisman of the Election Committee. It is, as I am, a USEJ supporter. I think, though, it is worth reading for everyone on both sides of our union conflict. Yes, this is one side of what happened. But it is at least necessary to note that very sincere people on both sides of this issue want to see it move forward. No matter what happens in the end, the last thing I think we all want is a weaken and divided union when contract negotiations again surface. The UC administration would like nothing more than to pick us all off one by one and that, I am afraid, is precisely what will happen if we don’t all sit down, stop the finger pointing, and realize how much is at stake for all of us.

  3. Right, but the problem with this open letter is that it is factually incorrect. It was not a “war zone” at all. I was in the room counting ballots. It was quiet and everyone was dutifully tallying the votes. Everyone who is not directly linked to USEJ understands that they decided to stop counting because they are afraid of losing. Even though things were contentious when challenges were registered, that was patently not the case when the elections committee unilaterally and in violation of basic procedural rules abandoned the vote count. Fawn is one of the people that took part in this radical subversion of basic democratic process, and her testimony is a wildly 0ff-the-mark representation of what the environment in that room was like during counting.
    And this nonsense about our union being divided is a complete red herring. USEJ has tried to keep our union as weak as possible for years. We are building worker power, and that is what terrifies the bureaucrats who just want to do their administration and be left alone by rank and file.

  4. For real. Fawn’s letter has some ridiculous lines like this one: “On Friday the count was a circus, with tit for tat challenges based on minor procedural deviations that had nothing to do with ballot security.”

    From eyewitness reports we head that a few dozen ballots were found in a UCLA box lacking the required envelopes according to the election protocols to which Fawn herself agreed. We’re not sure how this is a “minor procedural deviation.” Challenging ballots that violate these protocols is by definition a free and fair election. This specter of a “circus” is a last ditch attempt by the Administration Caucus to see what kind of support they have; unfortunately for them, their supporters seem limited to their longtime devotees and all half dozen of their Twitter followers.

    These allegations have gotten ridiculous. Notice how Daraka never responded to both our and AWDU’s public outing re: that willfully misconstrued photo of “tampering” — so easily dispelled that we wonder if he was *trying* to get himself caught in a fabrication. Then there’s that laughable W-2 release. We’re still not sure why last year’s form has any bearing on *this year’s* salary, not to mention the fact that he hasn’t been president for a full year so *of course* he doesn’t make a full $70,000. Does he really expect us to believe that he makes less than Southern VP Jorge Cabrera? Right.

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