Admin Caucus certifies results without counting Berkeley or UCLA

This just in: After leaving the counting for 3 hours, Admin Caucus members Jorge Cabrera and Travis Knowles, the latter of whom is the chair of the Elections Committee, certified the results without counting ballots from UCLA or Berkeley.  We’ll post developments as they come in.  As things stand, they are trying to postpone the count for a full two months until the next Joint Council meeting.  Why else would they do this unless they were certain they lost?

UAW 2865 members,

The elections committee has partially certified the results of the election which will be forthcoming.

After 48 hours of intense, heated work and deliberation, and very serious objections filed from both sides, the elections committee certified the election results it had counted and referred those results it was blocked from counting by challenges from both sides (including allegations of fraud) to a more representative and therefore more appropriate body–the Joint Council of the Union.

Challenges to the results of this election began to flow in before the election even started.  While the elections committee thought many of the objections, from all sides, were frivolous and politically motivated, some appeared to have merit.  Given the serious nature of some of these charges and the heated and turbulent atmosphere of the counting room, the elections committee referred the matter to the Joint Council.

Thanks to all who have participated.

Travis Knowles
UAW 2865 Elections Committee


6 responses to “Admin Caucus certifies results without counting Berkeley or UCLA

  1. hot mess !

  2. what about the fraud you guys allegedly committed. got anything to say about that? also, why wouldn’t you guys want the votes counted at ucla if it didn’t hurt?

    • i don’t understand this comment from skeptic. awdu wants the votes from ucla counted. the elections committee has refused to count them. you seem to be confused about what happened. as to allegations from both sides, the elections committee ruled in the morning that they would proceed with the count and allow challenges at the appropriate time. they only changed their position when it looked like the administration caucus might lose.

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  5. @skeptic — We know of no such attempt to prevent UCLA votes from being counted. A couple dozen ballots were found unsealed in an envelope in explicit violation of protocol — these few votes were challenged — but as far as we know, AWDU wants ALL votes counted. Only those found in a single box but no in envelopes were challenged. This is sheer fabrication by the Administration Caucus.

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