Final Wheeler hearing of the semester wraps up

We know, we know.  We already called a previous hearing the last one of the semester.  But we didn’t — that one (resulting in a not guilty verdict) was the last public hearing.  This one — the hearing of a journalist covering the Wheeler occupation and not participating as a protester — ended with a guilty verdict on four counts.  In the interest of avoiding redundancy, we refer you to the fantastic coverage and analysis of Josh Wolf’s hearing by our comrades at Reclaim UC.

We do however wish to highlight the preposterous position of the administration in general on campus journalism, and of the Office of Student Conduct in particular.  Check out the following statement from none other than “Student Conduct Specialist” Jeff Woods:

In the closing statements, Woods asserted that while there was no debate that Wolf is a journalist, the conduct code did not provide protection for student journalists.

“(Wolf) made a decision to be a journalist that day, but he is still our student and expected to abide by the code,” Woods said.

Very nice.  That would be like the US government arguing that a journalist may have made the decision to cover such and such an illegal event, but s/he is still their citizen and therefore culpable for attending.  Ridiculous.  What was it that Woods would have had Wolf do instead?  Again, from Reclaim UC:

Jeff Woods, the prosecutor from the Office of Student Conduct (OSC), argued that Wolf should have physically intervened, attacking and overpowering the other students involved in the occupation instead of observing, taking notes, and filming.

Yet another reason to abolish OSC!


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