UC Irvine AWDU calls out Administration Caucus for running ineligible candidate

Yesterday we discussed the case of Sayil Camacho.  Camacho is neither a grad student nor an employee of the UC — she starts at UCLA in the fall — but somehow she’s running on the Admin Caucus/USEJ slate.  Concerns raised privated by AWDU were deemed “dirty tricks” by USEJ in two of their six Twitter posts ever; we suspect that all four of their followers are repulsed.  The “political agenda behind AWDU attacks on Sayil Camacho” was called into question, and the very questioning of her candidacy was deemed to be a “personal attack.”

Also yesterday we claimed that AWDU had never released a public statement on Camacho’s candidacy.  While this was true, it remains so no longer.  This morning the UC Irvine chapter of AWDU made available an open letter to UAW 2865 President and Admin Caucus/USEJ stalwart Daraka Larimore-Hall.  Here’s the crucial paragraph:

We are also calling into question the eligibility of one of these paid staff-candidates.  Sayil Camacho, again, is neither an employee of the University of California, nor a graduate student within the UC.  We would like to remind you that individuals who are not graduate students with the UC system are not eligible for membership in our Local, let alone as candidates for elected office.  Furthermore, less than 90 days elapsed between the time she signed a membership card and the deadline to submit acceptances for nomination in the election.  We are, of course, thrilled that individuals such as Sayil are interested in participating in our Local.  This is not a question of character but of structure: she does not meet eligibility requirements for candidacy.

Thank God someone said it.  Obviously this will be construed as a personal attack, but seriously, how dumb do the USEJers think the membership is?  These fools are struggling.  We just heard that so far at Irvine alone, 3 candidates have dropped off the USEJ slate!

We urge you to read the rest of the open letter here.  Other highlights include the revelation that Larimore-Hall has used his personal authority to contravene the bylaws and hire staff organizers without the knowledge of the rest of the executive board, that one of these staff organizers was in fact Camacho, and a demand that paid staff make their timesheets public since every one of them is running on the AC/USEJ slate.

All power to the rank-and-file!


3 responses to “UC Irvine AWDU calls out Administration Caucus for running ineligible candidate

  1. I am glad that I can comment on your blog posts. There is clearly a partisan war going on here, and it’s getting nasty. I find it disturbing that there is nowhere to leave comments on the USEJ blog posts. I won’t begin to speculate why, but it does seem anti-democratic to no allow member discussion.

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