CSU Fullerton occupied!

Last night at 9 pm, dozens of Cal State Fullerton and Dominguez Hills students and faculty began a sit-in in Langsdorf Hall, the main administration building on the Fullerton campus.  From a Long Beach paper:

A group of 50 California State University Fullerton and Dominguez Hills students and faculty are conducting a sit-in today at the Fullerton campus’ administration building to protest cuts to the university system’s budget.

The sit-in was begun by 20 Fullerton students at 9 p.m. Monday in Langsdorf Hall, following a meeting with university President Milton Gordon, where he was asked to sign the “Declaration to Defend Education,” or write a joint statement.

The background is that a group of students, staff, and faculty met with campus President Milton Gordon, asking him to sign a letter drafted at a workshop at CSUF during the March 2 Day of Action.  It was jointly written by students, faculty, and staff from CSUF, CSU Long Beach, CSULA, Compton College, Fullerton College, and Mt. San Antonio College.  But President Gordon refused.  According to a news segment filmed by the Daily Titan, “Gordon refused to sign, citing the involvement of the California Faculty Association and calling the declaration radical.”  You can watch the entire clip below.

Again, from a Long Beach paper:

Instead, Gordon wrote his own statement supporting education.

Students remained on the second floor of the building after the meeting because Gordon “was unwilling to work with them on a joint statement they all could support,” students said in a release.

So far CSUF and CSU Dominguez Hills students are occupying the building; allies from CSULA are expected to join in later today.  The best characterization of the action is that of the Orange County Register; this is apparently a “’60s-style sit-in as protest.”


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