MONDAY 4/18: Last public UCB conduct hearing of the year!

A close comrade of ours arrested in the November 20, 2009 occupation of Wheeler Hall will have his day in front of yet another laughably incompetent conduct panel tomorrow, Monday, April 18.  This should be especially entertaining since he was one of the 3 students arrested in the morning before the other 40 occupiers locked down Wheeler’s second floor.  The only other one of the 3 to be tried thus far was found not guilty on all counts.  And once again, none other than Thomas Frampton will be facing off against Jeff Woods, the Office of Student Conduct’s (OSC) only go-to goon left standing following the resignation of Laura Bennett.

You know the drill.  Clark Kerr campus, building 14 once again, 2:30 pm.  This one is indeed public, so OSC shouldn’t be able to ban live-Tweeters from reporting.  We’ll post a link as soon as we get one, though we suspect Reclaim UC will be distributing the goods as usual.  And good looks to the same Reclaim UC  for unearthing this priceless quote from Associate Dean of Students Cristina Gonzalez, courtesy of the Daily Cal:

She added that sometimes issues arise because of a panel chair’s interpretation of the idea of a closed hearing as well as the “poorly written” nature of the campus code.

“Honestly, part of the issue is that panel chairs also don’t always know what is acceptable and what’s not,” she said. “That doesn’t mean that it’s OK, but it’s probably a good reason why we’re doing a revision of the code.”

Hands off student protesters!  Abolish OSC!


2 responses to “MONDAY 4/18: Last public UCB conduct hearing of the year!

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