Sacramento State occupation continues into second day

Upward of 100 Sacramento State students are continuing to occupy the main administrative building on campus after 1500 students marched on the building as part of a statewide CSU day of action yesterday.  Last night 18 students held the building, and this morning dozens more fortified their ranks.  They are demanding that Sac State President Alexander Gonzalez stop giving exhorbitant raises to bureaucrats in the campus’ ballooning administrative apparatus instead of spending limited available funds on education itself.  In addition, they “want him to support legislation that would tax oil companies to raise money for California’s public colleges.”

From the campus paper the State Hornet:

Organizer Amanda Mooers, senior sociology major, said students will be occupying the building until they meet with Gonzalez to go over the demands from students, faculty and staff.

Of course this fool Gonzalez isn’t even on campus.  Still waiting for a response…

Solidarity with our comrades at Sacramento State!  Defend the occupation!


2 responses to “Sacramento State occupation continues into second day

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