Lesson learned

The negotiating team prepares to enter California Hall

We did it!  Operational Excellence is over! Birgeneau, Szeri, Lee, &co. received the student-worker team in good faith, engaged them in dialogue as promised, and after careful consideration decided against implementing austerity measures after all.  Benefits decentralization will apparently go as well.

Cops threaten the event's emcee for using a bullhorn

Update: Apparently the previously reported details are a bit off.  The administration promised instead that they would not end Operational Excellence, but they did agree to possibly consider allowing a student to be on the OE committee.  As Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs and University Communications Claire Holmes told the Daily Cal,

Although no commitments were made, the administration felt that some interesting ideas were suggested, mostly having to do with continuing the work of engaging students in Operational Excellence and communicating through a variety of avenues to reach more students.

Yes! Now we can — or rather, may potentially be able to — preside over our own immiseration!  Autonomy at last!  Reconsideration of benefits decentralization — bureaucratic jargon for creating the necessary preconditions for slashing GSI positions and benefits — is also off the table.


4 responses to “Lesson learned

  1. we’ve been telling you for years that rational dialogue works, so we’re glad you finally came to your senses.

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