Ledge occupier responds to administrative rebuff

Earlier this evening we posted an email from Office of Student Affairs Chief of Staff Felicia Lee that explicitly rejected negotiations set to take place on Friday, as well as all 4 members of the students’ negotiating team.  No matter.  The students are holding their ground.  Come support them and rally against Operational Excellence this Friday, April 8 starting at 2 pm in front of California Hall at UC Berkeley.  Operational Excellence off our campus!  Cut the bloated administrative apparatus, not our classes!

Frank Yeary, former managing director for Citigroup Corporate Investment Bank, is now on the OE Executive Committee with Szeri, Birgeneau, and Breslauer. Our sources report that he is one of the most adamant advocates of austerity in the administration.

Dear Felicia,

I agree that email is a difficult way to have these conversations.  As you know, I am one of the students that participated in the Wheeler Hall Ledge Sit In on March 3rd.  Your email’s interpretation of the attendees for the meeting is not what I heard Jonathan Poullard say to me that night, but  we still want this meeting to go forward because it is important to me and my fellow students.

As requested the meeting participants will be at the California Hall, with ID, at 3:15 pm on Friday.  Also as requested, ✖✖✖ will not be representing the workers.  ✖✖✖ will be the worker representative. In order to participate in the meeting, he requires a translator. We are happy to provide ✖✖✖ to serve as the Spanish translator or you may select a staff member to serve in that capacity.  Unfortunately, because of the late notice of your email, the students who actually participated in the Wheeler Hall Ledge Sit In on March 3rd , including myself, will be unable to prepare for and attend the meeting.  Instead, ✖✖✖, ✖✖✖, ✖✖✖✖, and ✖✖✖ will be participating on our behalf.  These students are familiar with Operational Excellence and the budget issues and we feel that they will appropriately represent our interests.

We look forward to this dialogue and hope it serves as a catalyst for future conversations between the administration and the student activist community.  Should you still have questions regarding the logistics of the meeting on Friday, please let me know via email, or you may once again contact our negotiator, ✖✖✖ at ☠☠☠.




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