University of Minnesota occupation continues into second week

Today marks the completion of a full week of occupation at the University of Minnesota.  On March 28, a group of students occupied the first floor of the Social Sciences tower on the West Bank of the Twin Cities campus; they’ve managed to hold it since.  This action followed immediately on the heels of a successful walkout, described in a press release as resistance to austerity measures:

In-state tuition at the Twin Cities campus has increased 150% over the past 10 years, but students are not receiving a better quality education for their money: class sizes are increasing, student-to-teacher ratios are rising, more classes are taught by contingent and part-time faculty instead of professors, and available financial aid is decreasing. “If more and more services are being cut, then where is my tuition money going?” asked undergraduate student Jacob Niewald. “From what I’ve seen at the University, the only people who are improving their economic standing are upper-administrators and star faculty.” Additionally, the Minnesota house just presented their version of a budget bill that would cut $161.9 million of state funding for the university, placing even more financial burden on students and workers in the University of Minnesota system.

In order to follow the ongoing occupation, keep checking the occupiers’ blog, available hereFrom the East Bay to the Twin Cities, fuck the cuts!  Solidarity with our friends in Minnesota!  An injury to one is an injury to all!


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