Our comrade reports from Libya

One of our close friends and comrades active in the anti-austerity struggle at UC Berkeley has been in and around Benghazi for the past week or so and will be posting consistent observations and analysis of the situation on the ground in Libya.  We urge you to check out his blog here.

Meanwhile, the Socialist Worker has concisely enumerated 12 reasons to oppose the aerial bombardment of Libya in the latest bout of “humanitarian” intervention. Ugh, and we had foolishly assumed the likes of velvet glove imperialists like Samantha Power and Nicholas Kristof were but innocuous residua of the Clinton era.  How wrong we were. We are reposting the 12 reasons below:

  1. David Cameron claims to be a friend of the uprisings against the dictators in the Middle East and North Africa. But his first response to the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt was to roam the region trying to peddle armaments and to sell more guns to the reactionary kings and emirs.
  2. The air war now will be about grabbing control of oil and entrenching Western power, not supporting democracy.
  3. The reactionary regimes of the Arab world were propped up for decades by the Western powers who now pose as friends of the Libyan people.
  4. Two years ago Hillary Clinton greeted Gaddafi’s son to the US State Department, and said, “We deeply value the relationship between the United States and Libya. We have many opportunities to deepen and broaden our cooperation and I am very much looking forward to building on this relationship.” The claims to be for liberation now are deeply hypocritical.
  5. The air war is supported by states such as Qatar and the UAE – who have sent their forces to take action alongside Saudi Arabia in crushing the resistance in Bahrain. The US fifth fleet is anchored in Bahrain – as the killing goes on.
  6. The US and Britain which now pose as a friend of democracy have been involved in mass murder in Iraq and Afghanistan. On Thursday a US drone slaughtered 38 people in Waziristan, Pakistan.
  7. The US and Britain makes much of the fact that the Arab League backs air attacks. But the Arab League is stuffed with regimes that are fighting their own people in the streets. They include Algeria, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. These are no friends of democracy.
  8. The French government that now threatens Libya supported Tunisia’s Ben Ali almost until the end. According to Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, President Sarkozy received election funding in 2007 from the Libyan regime!
  9. The air war will almost certainly lead to escalation. If air strikes don’t break Gadaffi, then the argument will grow for troops and an invasion. Intervention could lead to the partition of Libya and the creation of a NATO-backed enclave. It will be an outpost of imperialism and could be used to halt further developments of the revolutionary process in Egypt and elsewhere.
  10. Western military intervention will allow Gaddafi to pose as an antiimperialist. It can help to strengthen him.
  11. Imperialist intervention is never in the interest of the oppressed and exploited. It will strengthen those elements that seek to impose the power of capital across the Middle East and North Africa and across the globe. It will be throwing into reverse the process of revolution which has been an inspiration to us all.
  12. We want Gadaffi’s regime to go. But the only effective way to remove Gaddafi and to break the Libyan military in the interests of workers and the masses is the development of the process of revolution across the Arab world – in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and elsewhere. That is not an abstract idea. The glorious movements that tore down Ben Ali and Mubarak have continued to demand further political and social change. This is the hope for the region and the world.

No to intervention in Libya!  Victory to Arab revolutions!


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