New occupation wave spreads across Britain

California students and workers stand in solidarity with the latest round of British occupations!  From our side of the Atlantic to yours, our struggle is one and the same!

Yesterday we reported that University College London had been occupied in solidarity with the one-day University and College Union (UCU) strike on 47 campuses across Britain.  The UCU is the largest collective bargaining unit representing academic staff and lecturers in the country.  Their members are facing drastic austerity measures, including a proposed raising of the retirement age and a sharp increase in pension contributions.   You can follow the UCU’s official Twitter feed hereIn addition to the UCL occupation,  solidarity occupations have cropped up at Glasgow, Manchester, and Goldsmiths.  You can take a virtual tour of the Goldsmiths occupation by watching the video below, courtesy of Save Goldsmiths:

Closer to home, the occupation of the Theater Building at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee has been going strong for 3 weeks now.  Solidarity to our comrades up north, and we look forward to the prospect of a general strike on April 4!


2 responses to “New occupation wave spreads across Britain

  1. just a minor point: i think the occupation in WI is in Milwaukee, not Madison. it’s confusing, bc the acronym is the same for both…

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