UCB Graduate Student Instructor debates administrator on budget cuts

It’s spring break at Berkeley so things are quiet for the time being.  To bide the time, we thought we’d repost a debate that took place last week in the comments section of a Daily Cal op/ed written by one of our allies in AWDU.  There is of course no definitive evidence that our comrade’s antagonist is in fact an administrator or UCOP PR goon, though it’s quite apparent from the exchange that takes place.  For example, in response to her claim that the cuts have been implemented in a blatantly uneven fashion, the presumed administrator responds,

The people at the top of the hierarchy control the budgets of the units below them, so a cut at the bottom travels upward to affect the top. And there was never any attempt at even-handedness in the cuts; they occur where opportuntiies [sic] present themselves.

The debate covers the meaning of the university as “property of the UC Regents,” the relationship between budget transparency and expertise, and the ballooning of top-tier managerial positions at a rate far exceeding new faculty appointments over the past decade.  It’s long enough that instead of posting the text here, we’re making available a PDF graciously curated (but left unedited) by our comrade who was involved in the dispute.  Click the graph illustrating administrative growth at the UC below to download the file.


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