TODAY: Another Wheeler 43 hearing!

One of the “concessions” made by the administration after the 3/3 Wheeler ledge occupation was a guaranteed maximum sanction of disciplinary probation for the 43 occupiers of Wheeler on 11/20/09.  Given that the last Wheeler hearing ended in no charges whatsoever, who in their right mind would accept such a sanction?

The situation is a bit more complex than that however.  When Julian Martinez was deemed not guilty in his hearing this month, he was one of 3 students arrested early in the day; the other 40 arrestees were not arrested until the evening.  We’ve seen a pattern where members of the 40 have been found guilty, whereas presumably there is insufficient evidence to find the 3 guilty.

Today — Friday, March 11 — another one of the 3 will have his day in court Krutch Theater.  Come one, come all!  Today, at 1:30 pm, come see our friends in the Campus Rights Project make fools of the OSC functionaries once again as our comrade will most certainly be found not guilty.

Hands off student protesters!

Abolish OSC!


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