Latest Wheeler 43 hearing going on now, being live-tweeted

One of our comrades will be following the latest Wheeler hearing live on her Twitter account.  You can access it by clicking here.

Read from the bottom up. "Jeff" is Jeff Woods, presiding on behalf of OSC. "Fearing" is Prof. Ron Fearing, who chaired the last Wheeler 43 hearing. He's the only faculty member that OSC can even get to participate in this charade...when he's not conducting his research on gecko foot hairs.

Originally Fearing — who chaired the previous hearing in which Julian Martinez, also represented by the glorious Thomas Frampton, was found not guiltydecided to prohibit the defendant’s representative (Frampton) from speaking at all.  For whatever reason, Frampton is now being allowed to represent him.

What a mess.  And if you think that’s bad, imagine the panel’s surprise when Frampton pointed out that the defendant never actually received a notice of charges as required by the Code of Conduct.  Jeff Woods from OSC insisted that he did.  Frampton pointed out that Woods isn’t even the defendant’s conduct officer — Laura Bennett is — and that he wouldn’t even know.  Woods asked for a recess in which the notice of charges would be introduced for the first time, despite the fact that OSC’s own Code of Conduct requires all evidence to be admitted at least 5 days prior to the commencement of the formal hearing.  The panel is currently in recess trying to figure out whether to even hear this sorry excuse for a case.

Student Regent Jesse Cheng

What a joke this whole conduct process is.  We just learned that Student Regent Jesse Chang was found guilty of sexual battery by UC Irvine’s OSC.  The sentence?  Disciplinary probation.  To put this in perspective, this fucking rapist gets off with probation, while one of this blog’s own contributors was given a stayed suspension and 20 hours of community service for his participation in the 2009 occupation of Wheeler Hall.  Even more egregiously, Cheng will not be removed from his position on the Board of Regents, in effect condoning sexual batteryAgain: non-violent civil disobedience gets stayed suspension and community service; rape — let’s dispense with the technocratic minimization as “unwanted touching” and call a spade a spade — gets disciplinary probation, a markedly lighter sentence.  What the fuck is wrong with these people?!
Update: The hearing ended around 6 pm and will reconvene in early April.  Ugh, what a joke.  And for future reference, instead of only following @callie_hoo on Twitter, one of our comrades over at Reclaim UC has created a Twitter feed that includes all of those tweeting about the hearing.  Check it out here.  Peace to @reclaimuc and @sgnfr as well.


2 responses to “Latest Wheeler 43 hearing going on now, being live-tweeted

  1. @reclaimuc has arrived on the scene too. for a full version of the live-tweeting check out this twitter list we made up:

  2. I just wanted to comment on the situation with Jesse and the allegations of sexual assault. First of all, I don’t want this to by any means be portrayed as a defense of non-consentual intimacy in any form.

    That said, this quote is upsetting:
    “non-violent civil disobedience gets stayed suspension and community service; rape — let’s dispense with the technocratic minimization as “unwanted touching” and call a spade a spade — gets disciplinary probation, a markedly lighter sentence.”

    There is no black and white distinction between consent and rape. There are myriad ways that one person can use power, coercion or force, on another in an intimate setting. A spade is not a spade. Unwanted touching may be the language that bureaucracy chose to use, but that doesn’t negate it as an experience wholly distinct from that of rape.

    I believe what it comes down to are the needs of the survivor. Obviously, any state apparatus, including the courts or the OSC, cannot possibly operate in that framework. The state takes power away from the survivor to choose their way to heal and dissuades the perpetrator from growing as a person so it doesn’t happen again. Even if the survivor was able to define their experience to OSC in writing or in a hearing, they still would be treated like a subject to be placated.

    Speaking of hearings, I don’t think students have a right to a hearing at Irvine, so what kind of real investigative work into the incident could have possibly been done by an OSC officer?

    We cannot compare nonviolent civil disobedience to sexual violence. The only way in which they are similar is that they are both highly politicized and treated politically by OSC. But then again, of what use is the OSC to students?

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