Be on the lookout for this informant on the payroll at UC Berkeley

The following is a guest post from a close comrade of ours at Berkeley outing a professional informant who works for Amanda Carlton at the so-called Center for Student Leadership at UC Berkeley.

The administration’s surveillance of campus activists continues at UC Berkeley. On November 19, 2010, I observed someone who looked out of place at the “snake-upation”—a clean-cut white male in his mid-twenties who looked like a frat boy, marching slightly behind or off to the side of the roughly 60 people who participated in that action. He wasn’t talking to any of the demonstrators; he wasn’t chanting; he wasn’t carrying a sign or banner. I saw him taking pictures of the demonstrators and I then saw him talking with the pigs. Initially, I thought he was one of the ABC private security guards UCB hired for that week to surveil campus. I confronted him and asked him if he was a cop; he said no, which I later found out to be a truthful answer.

On the first week of Spring semester 2011, I saw this person walking on campus with a group of people whom I recognized as administrators, including Amanda Carlton. A few weeks ago, I saw him walking out of Sproul Hall.

On the night of 3/2/11, while/after UCPD was arresting activists inside Wheeler Hall (and allowing non-activists to exit the building), I saw this person inside Wheeler standing next to Amanda Carlton (if you recall, Amanda Carlton is the administrator-narc who infiltrated GAs back in Fall ‘09).

Our guest contributor took this picture of the informant on Nov. 19, 2010 after the attempted blockade of California Hall.

Then, on 3/3/11, I spotted this person hanging out in the crowd outside of Wheeler at night. He was moving in and out of the crowd and texting frequently (I presume these texts were sent to either Carlton or the pigs, or both). I pointed this person out to a trusted friend, who then struck up a small conversation. This person admitted that he worked for Amanda Carlton, and that his job was to observe and report on developments at the action. In short, he’s a UC employee whose job duties include surveilling demonstrations and student activists. (Perhaps this bureaucrat-informant is part of UCB’s “protest management” project? See the profile of Stacy Holguin, a person who’s currently involved in harassing student activists through the student judicial process, who admits her job duties include “protest management on Sproul Plaza.”

In addition, one of the Wheeler 9 told me that this bureaucrat-informant was with Carlton inside Wheeler on 3/3/11.

So, folks should be on the lookout for this guy. He’s got a buzzed head, blondish hair, blue eyes, light white skin, a muscular build, about 5’6”-5’9”; he usually wears Jack Purcell shoes and khaki pants; in general he dresses “preppy,” e.g., wearing tight-fitting sweaters.


15 responses to “Be on the lookout for this informant on the payroll at UC Berkeley

  1. Better Picture please!!

  2. this is the same person that pushed one of the arrestees into the police line the night of durant and telegraph!

  3. What’s the problem here? As a fellow user of the university, I sat on Wheeler steps between the lines of police last Thursday. I’m with you. But let’s not dilute our aims by claiming that there’s anything too amiss here. The whole point of a protest is to make our voices heard. Would it be nice if the administrators came down and chatted with us during a protest instead of sending this guy? Sure. Is it surprising or wrong that they’ve sent this kid instead? Not really. We’re all informing the administrators just by protesting, this guy is informing them a little further. If he starts throwing stones at the cops, you’ll have a story.

    • Maybe the problem is that the University is looking to surveil and control dissent. Maybe student autonomy is an issue. Its not that this is surprising… I think the purpose of the post was to make sure people “keep an eye out,” so to speak.

      • Christoverre

        It’s the ones that are far less obvious and open that probably would pose more of a possible concern.

        A problem with immediately posting pix and accusing as strong as possible is that you spill your intelligence beans. And before you’ve even got names, etc.

        Better to share info a tad more discretely and use it to better advantage. Why tilt your hand right away, before you’ve even got all the cards?

      • What kind of cards? The point of this post was so that people planning actions in the immediate future on the Berkeley campus are aware of this guy. That is all. It’s not a grand revelation or anything, and we’re sure there are more threatening informants in our midst. We just want our comrades, allies, and fellow travelers to be aware of this guy’s presence as we go forward. It’s unclear to us what sort of advantage could be had from keeping this information under wraps for the time being.

      • Ah, great name. Was my post too weak for you? Too womanly? Good to see patriarchy alive and well here. But really, I should take that back. As z/s points about below, we’d be more effective if we could come together. That’s inherently difficult for groups of critical people, but still worth a shot. Let’s democratize the regents.

    • That’s a sane reaction. Refreshing.

      “Professional informant” is High Drama. Flunky who calls on cell phone to tell some too distant/lazy to be there as it’s happening, is more realistic… if far less exciting.

      • chris(toverre),
        you kno i’ve got a lot of love and respect for you, but after reading your comments here i’m very disappointed. i don’t think it’s a worthwhile contribution. i think it’s distractive and discouraging. — this is not to say i disagree with the premise of your criticisms, and shared my own somewhat contrary opinions below; rather, it’s the manner in which you’re making the contribution. the delivery. now, most of the people you’re addressing are tough skinned enough not to be discouraged by yet another critical voice on the internet. i, however, am not so thick. rather, as we’ve shared, shit runs right thru me.. so i, personally don’t appreciate it. that, and just generally i think it fits too classically into the whole “old guard falling short and then cutting down the new guard from succeeding where they failed” thing.. it’s too … predictable. that and the high brow shit. you can write, don’t get it twisted, and you’re pickin fights with writers (an i like to (or hate to?) consider myself a writer) and that’s all fun fine and goodie two… but let’s write in the same direction. in general. old guard new guard black white anarchist communist, etc. otherwise we’re really participating in our own continued and collective bamboozlement, and that just doesn’t go down my throat.. naw, these motherfuckers have had the machine on auto-pilot for sometime now, and until we take the movement inside our own house and root out all of their threads one by one, they’re just gonna keep us distracted and scrapping for political or economic or intellectual crumbs amongst ourselves — a pile of crabs clawing our way down for a morsel of flesh.. anyway, my couple coppers… <3'n you…

  4. It is the same person

    @Dan Walsh, it’s a problem because there is an undercover officer or fellow student or admin who is acting in concert with the administration to have people ARRESTED AND CHARGED frivolously. The woman arrested in the above video had been assaulted by police shortly before, and was complaining to the ranking officer of that incident. This is not informing someone further, this is a classic use of someone undercover to aid law enforcement. There’s nothing benign about him, in fact, the above incident can be construed as an act of aggression, considering how she was hauled into the police lines FOR NOTHING and then charged by the Alameda DA FOR NOTHING – and then acquitted.

  5. just wanna clear something up real quick: it’s NOT the same dude. i remember him very clearly from the chalk/snake-upation on Nov. 19 2010 (not 2011) and he’s NOT the dude in the video — he’s about five years younger, different gait, hair, etc. i’m positive. (if i see him again i’ll get a good shot, but then again, he’s not really hiding it…)

    i also remember the snitch-in-question being very obviously antagonistic towards our group, and that action in particular. he was one of several students who either stopped to yell at the group, side with the cops, take photographs, etc. — the only issue that wasn’t clear was whether he was observing our behavior, and presumably reporting to police, of his own accord or as directed by the university.

    personally, i’m far more comfortable with the latter. if they send us snitches like that we can see em comin; it’s just a matter of designing an appropriate and effective collective response. (something that has been delayed FAR TOO LONG (let’s rip off this paranoia band-aid!!)) — whereas if they send snitches/ provocateurs that are more in keeping with the classic, blend and disrupt/stall/discredit mold, a la COINTELPRO (e.g., BAMN (de facto, if unbeknownst, provocateur), and two individuals who attended a recent meeting, to remain unnamed, would fit the bill) — that presents far more problems. (yeah, i’m airing dirty laundry… sorry malcolm…)

    without going into any more of a discussion, or investing ANY more energy into it, i will say that i think the idea and threat of surveillance does more harm than the surveillance itself. the stress and insecurity; the mistrust and exclusivity, the misplaced guilt, etc. — an objective analysis, and i won’t go into detail here, reveals that the police on the ground are NOT receiving real time informational updates about the goings on of activists or criminals — this can be deduced from response times, anticipation of illegal activity, etc.

    okay, i’m gonna stop cuz i keep saying i’m gonna stop and stop stopping.

    suffice it to say (an then i’ll stop), one can do both — be responsible with sensitive information with out succumbing to the incapacitating and alienating repercussions of paranoia and hyper-security.

    <3'n you… http://ftp...

    i remember dude… the one from the snake-upation.

  6. whoops.. didn’t edit my comment.

    pls remove last sentence, change link to “ftp”, i.e., “<3'n you… http://ftp…&quot; and correct "without" in last par.

    or censor me.. 😉

    <3'n ya'll

    p.s. just had this conversation last night with folks, which is why i'm all into it..

  7. fyi, i’m lookin at dude right now. sitting upstairs in milano drinking coffee with amanda carlton (they aren’t hiding). i’ve taken a picture but am not really comfortable getting close enough to take a super clear shot. (plus its dark up here).

    to reiterate tho, it’s not the same person that walked behind the woman in the video above and assisted her capture by the cops (i’d bet everything in my pocket). i think we’d be dealing with a much different (more nefarious…) situation if it were. presumably, the plainclothes cop on the night of Feb 26th, 2010 was working for, or with, BPD (even tho during our trial in November of 2010, during which the woman in the video was my co-defendant (must i still call her “the woman”?), the ranking officer denied on the stand that there were any plainclothes officers in the crowd that night).

    so, amanda bought a snitch. the university bought amanda. and all in all it’s a relatively benign and rudimentary surveillance operation (unless it’s a front-surveillance and there’s deeper surveillance and i’m a surveillant and … (slippery slope, indeed)). again, this is not to ignore the importance of being aware and careful with information, and to recognize the extent to which “They” have gone in the past — it’s only a sober-minded admission, based on objective analysis of police response and reaction time — that we don’t threaten them yet. They didn’t go for MLK, Malcolm, the Panthers, etc. until they’d already amassed a level of support from the community that truly did threaten the power structure.
    and we’re not there yet.

    so, i’ll restate: the threat and fear of surveillance is more damaging than the surveillance itself (e.g., myself and others have spent time and energy debating these points rather than devoting that time and energy to other more constructive and consequential pursuits: we still haven’t sent out a report back to the 150 potential organizers, still haven’t gotten date for negotiation session, still have legal cases to deal with from M2 arrests, still haven’t gotten property out of UCPD, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera — worse still, we could be focusing our literary prowess and capacities on writing up a new Q & A for public, campus consumption; and lastly, we still haven’t collectively agreed on a method of dealing with snitches, infiltrators, moles, snakes, mongeese, provocateurs, de facto provacateurs, dragons, yudofs or … a number of other things, people or naturally occurring processes that derail and, have ultimately destroyed, the social justice campaigns that have come before us.

    el fin.

    ❤ solo out ❤

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