Today: Rally for care worker militants

Join the workers of Piedmont Gardens, a nursing home facility, in their protest against management who fired them for organizing a strike last year. The Piedmont 38 were strategically targeted by management because they were the militant core amongst the workforce. About 20 of the original 38 still have not been re-hired. Those that have been rehired owe their jobs to the self-sacrifice of those who are still out of work yet continue to rally, organize, and fight back for their own interests, those of their co-workers, and the patients they care for.

The rally will start at 2 pm today, Friday, March 4 at the intersection of 40th St. & Piedmont Ave. in  Oakland.  (From MacArthur BART, walk toward Telegraph on 40th and continue until you reach Piedmont Ave.). It will continue until 4 pm.  RSVP via Facebook here.  For the backstory, here’s the Chronicle coverage from last August.


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