A victory for direct action

For the first time in recent memory at UC Berkeley, a concrete victory was won through direct action.  While the gains may appear minor — immunity for the students involved in today’s action as well as the 17 arrested last night, a charge of disciplinary probation for the remainder of the semester for the 43 occupiers of Wheeler on 11/20/09, and a meeting with Chancellor Birgeneau to discuss Berkeley’s very own SAP “Operational Excellence” — this victory demonstrates that if we keep up the pressure through sustained mobilization and militant mass actions we can have our demands met.  Today was a first step to reinvigorating a militant mass movement at Berkeley.  Congrats to all those involved and we look forward to seeing you all in struggle in the immediate future.

And by the way, what kind of fucked up campus is this where students have to lock themselves to a rooftop ledge in order to get a meeting with their Chancellor?


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