Wheeler locked down once again!

Or sort of.  Seven students, the majority of them students of color, successfully executed a PVC-pipe lockdown to the roof of Wheeler Hall at UC Berkeley.  As of 1:45, 7 students were locked to the roof (all visible from the south side of the building) along with three “unlocked” supporters.  One supporter has already been taken into police custody.

About a thousand supporters are currently gathered on the south side of Wheeler.  The occupiers are asking as many people as possible to hurry to the building.  All out to Wheeler Hall!  Defend the occupation!

A couple of sociology professors brought their large lecture classes out to Wheeler in solidarity, giving lie to the assumption that the student-professor antagonism is irreconcilable.  Special props go to the glorious Michael Burawoy, who proceeded to deliver a lecture on Foucault’s disciplinary society under the gaze of news cameras and helicopters hovering above.

Sociology Professor Michael Burawoy lectures on Foucault to his SOC 102 class in solidarity with our comrades locked to the roof of Wheeler.

The occupiers have 4 demands:

  1. Roll back the fee hikes, both the 8 % increase of 2010 and the 32 % of 2009.
  2. End police repression on campus.  Hands off student protesters!
  3. Democratize the Regents.
  4. Put a stop to Operational Excellence, our campus’ incarnation of structural adjustment programs.

Dean of Students and notorious class enemy Jonathan Poullard has already proclaimed, “We are not negotiating with these people.”

From Berkeley to the Middle East, no justice, no peace!


11 responses to “Wheeler locked down once again!

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  5. Dean of Students and notorious class enemy Jonathan Poullard has already proclaimed, “We are not negotiating with these people.”

    from DailyCal: “Dean of Students Jonathan Poullard negotiated with UC Berkeley School of Law student Daniela Urban on terms to address the protesters’ demands.”


    • Much love to our comrade Daniela! Poullard has revealed himself again and again to be an imbecilic functionary without any substantial power whatsoever. Still, we are constantly amused by his pronouncements.

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  7. Danusia Lewakowski

    Anyone know who organized the action, any specific student group or organization?

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