Early arrests at Berkeley and Laney on March 2

At roughly 10 am this morning, an undergraduate organizer of color was snatched up by the pigs at UC Berkeley, presumably to get him out of the way before the March 2 festivities were set to commence.  The reason?  He apparently didn’t complete the community service he was assigned by an Alameda County judge for his involvement in the March 4, 2010 freeway occupation.  The judge issued a warrant and UCPD apprehended him on campus this morning, taking him into custody and shipping him off to Santa Rita. Update: As of about 3:45 pm, our comrade has been released!

Meanwhile at Laney, our comrades in SUP organized an occupation of the District Building on campus.  We’ll post more details as we get them, but we heard that at least a couple dozen students were holding the building and quite a few supporters had gathered in solidarity to defend the occupation.  One SUP organizer was arrested in a bizarre scuffle after being shouted down by a member of the campus ISO.  Apparently a few organizers of the rally were also flyering for the campus group Queers Fighting Back when an ISOer shouted down a QFB speaker because apparently queer politics is irrelevant to the anti-budget cuts fight.  Right.  When another QFBer tried to grab back the microphone, she was tackled by the sheriff and taken into custody.  She is currently being held on 4 charges including alleged battery of a police officer; bail is set at $35,000.

At UC Santa Cruz apparently a sit-in is underway at the Ethnic Resource Center. Details are available here.  Our friends over at Bicycle Barricade have posted pictures from the UC Davis rally.

Right now organizers at Berkeley are regrouping on the 7th floor of Eschleman after a relatively disappointing morning rally marred by a sectarian split between BAMN and the rest of the campus anti-budget cuts organizations.  In characteristic fashion, UC Event Services keeps sending in their minions to attempt to collect user fees from the students using the room.  The university belongs to those who use it! At some point they claimed someone else had reserved it; when student organizers asked where these people were, Event Services had no idea.  They’re still trying to kick everyone out and/or collect their money.

Things are bound to pick back up again for the 5 pm East Bay convergence set to take place in front of Wheeler Hall, but only time will tell.  All out to the 5 pm convergence at UCB!


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