Week of actions against the Oakland gang injunctions commences tomorrow

On Friday, March 4, some of our comrades are organizing a large rally at Frank Ogawa Plaza to stop the expansion of police powers in Oakland through proposed and existing “gang injunctions” that the city is trying to implement at this time.  This is a crucial moment to build upon previous mobilizations against OPD and strike a serious blow to their operations going forward.

Tomorrow, February 28 from 5-7 pm at 14th & Broadway in downtown Oakland interested people will participate in an outreach action to build momentum for a massive rally on Friday. Join them for an hour or two during rush hour for flyering and public gathering.  Stacks of flyers, posters and stickers will be provided.  There will also be anti-police and anti-gang injunction banners along with a boombox, but feel free to bring additional supplies.  This is an opportunity to interact with the many people who pass through downtown Oakland and build a consistent and militant movement against police terror in the Bay Area.   This is part of a week of action against gang injunctions.

For more info check out http://stoptheinjunction.wordpress.com.


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