Wheeler conduct hearing to resume tomorrow (Monday) — all out in solidarity!

If you recall, we reported a little over a week ago that our comrade Julian Martinez’s student conduct hearing for the 11/20/09 Wheeler occupation ended before it even began.  It was scheduled for Friday, February 18th, but the hearing panel spent most of the evening deliberating over several procedural matters, and neither side even had the opportunity to present their respective opening statements.  After graduate student panelist David Fannon recused himself, Martinez’s hearing was rescheduled for February 28th.  Martinez is not the only Wheeler student currently in the hearing stage of the student conduct process, but his hearing is the only one currently open to the public.  Please come out and show your support!

All students are apparently morally deficient idiots to whom the OSC must condescend. Thankfully they are here to "educate" us!

We’ll have info on subsequent public hearings shortly.  It sounds like one of our closest comrades will have his hearing for the Wheeler occupation a week from tomorrow.  We’ll post details once it’s confirmed.  In the meantime, please, please, please come out to Julian’s hearing and show him some solidarity.

The hearing will begin at 5:30 pm tomorrow, Monday, February 28 in Building 14 on the Clark Kerr Campus.


5 responses to “Wheeler conduct hearing to resume tomorrow (Monday) — all out in solidarity!

  1. on “integrity, civility, and responsibility,” see that piece published in reclamations:

    “on administrative conduct: procedural violations and the rule of the arbitrary”

  2. Not all students are “morally deficient idiots”, just the ones who put their own self-interest ahead of the effectiveness of the greater struggle for a socially valid university. They should accept the penalties & get back to protesting the real issues. All these conduct arguments are just distractions due to bourgeois self-absorption.

  3. oops, for some reason the link didn’t work in the comment above. here’s the real link:


  4. 19 students and workers who staged a sit-in in the UCI Admin building to protest the budget cuts last Feb. now face charges from the Orange county DA. if you could post this petition on your site, we would greatly appreciate the solidarity! we need as many signatures as we can get! pretrial hearing for the UCI 19 is march 7!


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