East Bay rallies in solidarity with Wisconsin

A few hundred East Bay residents, including significant numbers of students and workers, rallied in solidarity with those struggling in Wisconsin.  While there, we heard that thousands — and possibly even tens of thousands — of Columbus residents have converged on the Ohio Statehouse and forced their way inside.

They were protesting Ohio Senate Bill 5, which would effectively do away with collective bargaining much like the Wisconsin bill.  A similar bill may also soon make its way to the Senate in Pennsylvania.  Meanwhile, Wisconsin’s Southern Central Federation of Labor, a regional AFL-CIO branch including Madison, voted to make preparations for a general strike.


5 responses to “East Bay rallies in solidarity with Wisconsin

  1. hehe, first time you have ever posted a video produced by democrats.

  2. oops, I meant Democrats.

  3. Yes, we’ve decided that it’s high time we adopted a united front strategy. But seriously: our mistake. We posted that clip by accident but have remedied the situation.

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