All out for Peter Howell! Preliminary hearing this Tuesday…

If you recall, Peter Howell is the UC Merced undergrad facing a bogus felony charge for allegedly attempting to seize UCPD officer Jared Kemper’s baton, prompting Kemper to pull a loaded weapon on unarmed students and workers.  As is blatantly apparent in this video, no such thing occurred.  Peter’s arraignment on December 28 ended with the judge denying him release on OR, forcing him to post bail set at $15,000.

This Tuesday, February 22, Peter will once again appear in court, this time for his preliminary hearing.  He needs all the support he can get.  Come out to the hearing at 9 am to the courthouse at  850 Bryant in San Francisco.  Once inside the courtroom, head up to Room 10.

All out for Peter Howell!

A cop pulled his gun on unarmed students and workers and a student is punished for it?  Not on our watch!


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