Wheeler conduct hearing adjourns before it even begins

We can’t recommend our comrade over at ReclaimUC‘s live-tweet of the most recent Wheeler conduct hearing highly enough — don’t miss it.  The hearing, scheduled to begin at 1:30 pm yesterday, never actually began; neither the prosecution nor the defendant ever made it to opening statements.  Instead, with the assistance of UCOP’s legal counsel, the panel repeatedly huddled in various places — the corner, another room, and elsewhere — to discuss procedural violations alleged by the defendant’s representative, Thomas Frampton, a law student at Boalt.  Among these were the violation of OSC’s own timeline according to its own code of conduct, the admission of evidence that had not been previously presented to the defense, violation of copyright law by OSC, and the failure of OSC to (even attempt to!) contact cops who had been summoned by the defense as witnesses.

These procedural transgressions were so egregious that the graduate student member of the hearing panel recused himself from the process altogether; no explanation was provided.  And even though OSC assured Frampton that he would be able to speak in this hearing, his participation was limited to asking questions; he was prohibited from answering any questions posed by OSC.  The hearing is to be rescheduled for an unspecified date.  By one estimate, these idiots are averaging close to $10,000 per hearing.  Good use of limited funds in a budget crisis, UC.


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