Sign the pledge for the March 2 Day of Action!

If you recall from our coverage of their contract ratification battle last semester, UAW Local 2865 is the union representing GSIs, readers, and tutors on all UC campuses.  Due to the undemocratic tendencies of the self-interested bureaucrats running the show, a group of rank-and-file UAW members at Berkeley formed the opposition caucus Academic Workers for a Democratic Union (AWDU) last summer.  After expanding into a full-scale caucus capable of challenging the local’s leadership, AWDU joined forces with its counterparts at Santa Cruz and Irvine and formed a statewide caucus, Democratic Union for the UC (DUUC).  Now UCLA has its own AWDU chapter, and caucuses are forming at San Diego, Riverside, and elsewhere, all of which are united as DUUC against the reigning union bureaucrats in the Administration Caucus.

Stay tuned for coverage of the May executive board elections in 2865 as DUUC rank-and-filers attempt to take back their union from the politicians in the Administration Caucus.  In the meantime, we urge you to sign the pledge DUUC has put out for the March 2 Day of Actionavailable here — and circulate it widely.


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