First student conduct case for Regents arrest and chalking wraps up

As we reported recently, over a dozen UC Berkeley students were recently charged by the Office of Student Conduct (OSC) for the 11/19 chalking episode and the arrests at the 11/17 Regents’ meeting.  A UCSC student was also charged.  The first case began last week and ended with an informal resolution, what OSC refers to as an administrative disposition.  We are providing a copy of this administrative disposition below.

Administrative disposition, p. 1

Administrative disposition, p. 2

This student’s first case — his arrest at the Regents’ meeting, though no charges were ever filed against him — was dropped by OSC altogether.  They were relying almost exclusively upon a police report written a full two months after the incident.  Conduct officer Jeff Woods apparently repeatedly stopped a video of the arrest, claiming to have identified deliberate blocking of police.  In this video, the student is identified by two cops who forcibly arrest him for what appears to be writing the SF National Lawyers Guild phone number on other students’ arms.  Despite Woods’ claim, no wrongdoing was identifiable in the video; OSC has subsequently decided that it will not pursue charges on this count.  What this means for the other dozen or so Regents’ arrestees remains unclear.

In the second case — the alleged chalking of slogans onto campus sidewalks and buildings — the student was offered an administrative disposition of a warning (the lowest possible sanction) if he agreed to formally admit guilt to damaging campus property and the ambiguous charge of violating any other campus regulation.  This suggests that the rest of the pending cases will end similarly.  Apparently OSC considered billing the accused students for a claimed $2600 in damages (from chalking?!), but no fines have yet been levied.


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