Conduct charges for the November Regents’ meeting are rolling in

Yesterday we reported that 6 UC students had received conduct charges from their campus OSC: 5 from UC Berkeley and 1 from UC Santa Cruz.  As of this morning, we have learned of two additional Berkeley students who received so-called “notices of possible violation,” one a senior undergrad and the other a Ph.D. candidate.  All four of those students who have been threatened with charges for the Regents’ meeting — 3 from Berkeley, 1 from Santa Cruz — were arrested on the 17th.  Thus far, none of them have had legal charges filed against them by the DA.  In other words, they were arrested, but the SF DA didn’t feel that there was sufficient evidence to book them on a single charge, and yet OSC is attempting to try them regardless.  Why?  What function could this secondary hearing possibly serve?  And none of them were even arrested on their home campuses!

We suspect that this pattern will continue and that in the next couple of days, the remainder of the 13 arrestees from the Regents’ meeting will receive notices of possible violation.  If you receive such a notice from your campus OSC and are not in contact with the other arrestees, contact the Campus Rights Project at, or else hit us up at

Update: Our hunch appears to be correct.  We have just learned that another undergrad who was among the Regents’ meeting arrestees has been served with a notice of possible violation by OSC.  While we previously claimed that these students are facing 2 charges (obstruction and failure to identify), it turns out that some are facing a third charge:

102.06a. Unauthorized entry to … any University … properties….

102.13. Obstruction or disruption of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures, or other  University activities.

102.16. Failure to identify oneself to, or comply with the directions of, a University official or other public  official acting in the performance of his or her duties while on University property or at official University  functions; or resisting or obstructing such University or other public officials in the performance of or the  attempt to perform their duties.

Below we are providing a copy of the version of the notice of possible violation with all 3 charges.

Notice of possible violation, p. 1

Notice of possible violation, p. 2


One response to “Conduct charges for the November Regents’ meeting are rolling in

  1. Great news! The media is our weapon, and these activists have given us another year of ammunition for it.

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