SF DA delays UC Berkeley student’s hearing

This morning we headed to the SF Courthouse at 7th & Bryant, but by the time we arrived — 10 minutes after the hearing was supposed to begin — the defendant and about a half dozen supporters were gathered on the building’s front steps.  According to the Berkeley freshman facing charges, the DA admitted that there was insufficient evidence to try him at this time.  S/he then requested a continuation; the student will have his day in court once again, this time on February 22.  As we reported in mid-December, this student is facing an assortment of charges including obstruction, resisting arrest, and most notably, assault on an officer with injury,  On the latter count the DA is claiming that our comrade kicked a cop in the head.  We were all there on November 17; nothing of the sort happened.  We’ve seen this pattern again and again: protester battered by cop, protester arrested, cop files paperwork claiming protester assaulted he/r.  But where’s the evidence? UCPD claims to have a video documenting the alleged assault.  So show it! Until then, hands off our comrade!


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