Another Regents’ meeting scapegoat on trial: All out to the courthouse!

As we reported last month, on December 14 a UC Berkeley freshman was taken into custody for charges stemming from his arrest at the November 17 UC Regents’ meeting at UCSF.  After being charged with obstruction, resisting, and assault on an officer with injury, this student was locked up on $30,000 bail.  His family posted and got him out, and tomorrow he will have his day in court.  As we’ve reported time and again, UCPD has launched a vicious harassment campaign against students organizing against the fee increases, and tomorrow is no exception.  This student — again, a UC Berkeley freshman being tried on preposterous charges — will need all of the support he can get.  We urge everyone to come support our comrade tomorrow (Thursday, 1/27) at 9 am at the SF Courthouse at 850 Bryant.

All out to the courthouse!

Hands off student protesters!


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