UCI-19 plead “not guilty” at Friday’s arraignment

At their arraignment this past Friday (1/21), the UCI-19 unanimously pleaded not guilty to the preposterous set of charges tossed at the them by the Orange County D.A.  If you recall, these 19 students and their allies organized a sit-in against the UC Irvine administration’s attempt to outsource bus drivers to the detriment of AFSCME 3299 workers.  For an entire 10 months, no charges were filed; the D.A. waited until these students were in the midst of finals the following semester to file them, forcing all 19 to show up to an arraignment date between Christmas and New Years.  Upon their arrival, the students learned that the D.A. left necessary documents in her car, and the arraignment was pushed back until this past Friday.  UCI Chancellor Michael Drake claims to have no knowledge of the D.A.’s intentions, though he refuses to publicly criticize the way the case is being handled.  The case will continue to pretrial on March 7From Irvine to Berkeley, we are watching.  We will not stand for this exceptional use of the legal apparatus against non-violent student protesters.

Solidarity with the UC-19!  Hands off all student protesters!

Defend all workers under attack from the UC administration!


2 responses to “UCI-19 plead “not guilty” at Friday’s arraignment

  1. Thank you for the post and solidarity. However, there is an error in the description of protesters demands. The UCI 17 made several demands, one of which was demanding that UCI administration immediately insource all ABM (now ABLE) janitorial workers. The complete set of demands can be found here:


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