Peter Howell’s arraignment is this Tuesday! All out for support!

We have just learned that Peter Howell, the UC Merced undergraduate facing a bullshit felony charge for the November 17 Regents’ meeting, will have his arraignment tomorrow, Tuesday, December 28, beginning at 9 am at the SF Courthouse at 850 Bryant (walkable from the Civic Center BART station). How do we know these charges are bullshit? KTVU aired video footage of the alleged incident, and it is quite apparent that neither Howell nor anybody removed Kemper’s baton.  Remember, Kemper is one of the UCI cops shipped up to UCSF for the Regent’s meeting to defend the 8 % fee hike at the barrel of a gun. This is the pig who pulled his firearm on unarmed students and workers, aiming the thing directly at a SF Chronicle photographer who managed to take a shot right
down the barrel. Clearly UCPD and UCOP are looking for a scapegoat, but they will not find one with Howell. Let’s show up in force tomorrow — we apologize for the short notice — and demonstrate our solidarity with our comrade! The more people that show up, the more likely he is to be released on OR. He’s being taken into custody today, and at his arraignment tomorrow we’ll see whether they are actually going through with the felony charge (and a handful of misdemeanors), as well as whether they will release him on OR, or alternatively, how high they decide to set the bail. Here’s the charge:

[148](b) Every person who, during the commission of any offense described in subdivision (a), removes or takes any weapon, other than a firearm, from the person of, or immediate presence of, a public officer or peace officer shall be punished by imprisonment in a county jail not to exceed one year or in the state prison.

A cop pulls a gun on students and workers, and a student is punished for it? Hands off Peter Howell!

All out to the courthouse for Howell’s arraignment!


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