Media coverage of last Friday’s rally in solidarity with the Georgia prison strikers

Oakland residents rally in solidarity with the Georgia prison strikers in front of North County Jail in downtown Oakland

Since media coverage of the strike itself remained sparse, it goes without saying that stories on last Friday’s solidarity rally were few and far between.  For that reason we thought it would be useful to post some of them here.  The San Francisco Chronicle‘s Oakland blog reposted an excerpt from a longer piece that appeared over at Oakland Local.  From the latter:

Timothy Killings said he felt inspired to participate at the local event because the Georgian strike reminded him of California’s system and how prisoners all across the country are treated.

“The Georgia prison strike is something that we should pick up here on the Bay Area,” Killings said. “It’s like modern-day slavery to me.”

Perhaps the best account appeared in the SF Bayview, written by an SF State student and journalist who was also a participant in the rally and march:

Rising like a phoenix from the examples of struggle and resistance in the ‘60s and ‘70s, about 50-75 people held a rally and march despite the driving rain in support of prisoner demands and to protest the vicious retaliation being used by the state of Georgia in an effort to break the unity which has been forged by the striking prisoners, who – in their own words – intend to “ride it until the wheels fall off,” until they get their human rights.

The fiercely determined group of resisters to police and prison industrial complex brutality were Afrikan, Asian, Latin@, white and more – retired workers, students, labor union organizers, small children, prison organizers and just folks stopping briefly at the end of the day to see what was going down.

Finally, check out this announcement about a similar solidarity rally organized by Wobblies in Richmond, Virginia.  We are thrilled to find out that Oakland isn’t the only city holding it down for the strikers!


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