Hands off Mark Farrales! Nadie es ilegal!

Mark Farrales, a 31-year old Ph.D. student at UC San Diego, was greeted by ICE officers last week and is currently facing deportation.  His crime?  Being brought here by his parents when he was a child.  After his father was shot twice in the head in their native Philippines, the Farrales sought political asylum in the US, but to no avail.  According to the LA Times:

Farrales went on to become valedictorian at Belmont High School, graduated magna cum laude from Harvard with a degree in government, earned a master’s degree at UC San Diego and was pursuing a doctorate there. “I was in the process of finishing my dissertation on corruption reform,” he said.

When his father died in 2006, so did the battle to legalize the family. Meanwhile, a deportation order and warrant for Farrales’ arrest were issued, said Leon Hazany, a Los Angeles immigration attorney who represents him.

From grad school to a detention center, Farrales is currently in ICE custody.  His only hope is a private Congressional bill, which would amount to a request that ICE delay deportation.  His friends and allies are asking supporters to sign a petition urging three Senators to push the private bill allowing Farrales to leave the detention center and be granted asylum.  We encourage you to sign!

Hands off Mark Farrales!  Nadie es ilegal!

ICE out of our neighborhoods and off our campuses!


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