New round of repression at UC Irvine

Apparently the DA of Orange County has charged 19 UCI students and their allies with up to 3 misdemeanors for participating in the February 24 sit-in in defense of AFSCME 3299 workers whose jobs were being outsourced.  Of course they decide to file charges during finals week and slap our comrades with court dates during winter break when many of them will presumably be out of town.  According to the Orange County Register,

The protesters are scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 29. If convicted, they face sentences ranging from probation to a year in jail.

We’re reproducing a short account from our friends at Occupy UCI below.

Note how we've blacked out all identifying features of all participants in this action. If you run a blog or merely posted pictures of the Feb. 24 action on Facebook, the participants are urging you to cover all identifying features of people in these photos. Even if you posted these photos months ago, please go back and black out faces. The Orange County DA's office is apparently notorious for using online photographs as evidence. Better safe than sorry!

We have just learned that 19 students and supporters have been charged by the District Attorney of Orange County for participation in the February 24 sit in.

Each person is being charged on average with 3 misdemeanors, though 1 person each is being charged with 2 and 4 counts.  The charges include: false imprisonment, obstruction of a public place, being a public nuisance, trespassing, disturbing the peace, and refusal to disperse.  Arraignment will be December 29.

It is important to note that these charges were filed DURING FINALS WEEK and the arraignment will be during Winter Break, while many students go home to see their families.  Not only is this the greatest intensification of political repression coming from the UCI administration yet, it is also a deliberate attempt to disrupt the course work and family lives of students involved in dissent.

We will keep you posted for more about these cases.

Hands off student protesters!  Call the UCI administration and demand that they ask the DA to drop charges immediately and unconditionally: (949) 824-5111.

Solidarity from Berkeley to Irvine!  An injury to one is an injury to all!


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