On red-baiting

We have now been accused twice by partisans of the yes vote of red-baiting.  It remains absolutely unclear to us in what capacity the Administration Caucus and their allies think we have engaged in such a repugnant practice.  Indeed, the Reutherites made (and continue to make) their mark on the UAW through open and unabashed anti-communism.  From the UAW Constitution:

Section 7. No member of any Local Union shall be eligible to hold any elective or appointive position in this International Union or any Local Union in this International Union if s/he is a member of or subservient to any political organization, such as the Communist, Fascist or Nazi Organization which owes its allegiance to any government other than the United States or Canada, directly or indirectly.

Beyond red-baiting, this constitutes a stale anti-communist holdover from the McCarthyist era from which the Administration Caucus arose.  We would never criticize any UAW member — leadership, rank-and-file, or otherwise — for upholding communist or socialist positions; in fact, if we were to learn that a member of our e-board was a communist, we would go out of our way to praise her!


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