Defend workers’ pensions! Support AFSCME 3299 pickets all over the state this Tuesday!

It’s not news that the UC is leading a frontal assault on workers’ pensions.  What’s less widely known, however, is the extent to which this attack disproportionately affects the lowest paid workers on our campuses and actually increases the pensions of the highest paid executives and bureaucrats.  With the Academic Senate and UCOP enthusiastically supporting the plan, it was overwhelmingly approved at the November Regents’ meeting.  This from the Sacramento Bee:

A worker who makes $26,000 a year now and retires at age 65 after 20 years of service can expect a $12,202 annual pension under the current UC plan, according to the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union. Under the proposed changes, that worker would receive a pension between $7,800 and $10,400.

On the other end of the income spectrum, UC employees who now make $360,000 a year – and retire at 65 after 20 years of service – earn a pension of $121,702, the union said. Under the proposed changes, their pensions would go up to $180,000.

Enough is enough.  Who do they think they’re kidding?  With repressive labor regulations in place, workers can be fired on the spot for getting arrested for resisting this kind of class war from above, even on false charges à la the majority of the Regents’ meeting arrests.  These workers need your solidarity now more than ever.  AFSCME 3299 has organized informational pickets on all UC campuses for Tuesday, December 7, from 12-1 and 3:30-5.  Even if you can only come by for a few minutes, grab a picket and show your solidarity with those workers who are being hit the hardest by austerity measures on our campuses.  The Berkeley picket will be located at Telegraph and Bancroft.
Share the pain?  Then why are your pensions increasing while ours are withering away?  Hands off our pensions!

Update: Pictures from today’s picketing at UC Berkeley…


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