Disclaimer: This blog is not run by AWaDU

To Whom It May Concern:

We love our comrades in AWaDU, but we want to make very clear that everything written on this blog — no matter how supportive of the work AWaDU is doing — does not reflect the stance or opinions of AWaDU in any official or semi-official capacity.  Recently the bureaucrats have started their own blog, masquerading as rank-and-filers and conflating our attacks on the elected leadership with the criticisms coming from various campus caucuses, including AWaDU at Berkeley, (G)SOC/AWaDU at Santa Cruz, and our friends at Irvine who run ucgradstrike.  None of the updates, critiques, photos, and polemics that appear on Those Who Use It should be taken to reflect the general consensus of AWaDU or any other group of rank-and-filers.  Some contributors to this blog are in fact active AWaDU members, but they have written not on behalf of the caucus, but as individuals involved in the politics of their union local.  This goes without saying of course, but apparently the leadership is too dense to distinguish between what is written here by individuals and the stance of the oppositional caucus.  Even when we repost letters written by elected officials, caucus members, or people you’ve never even heard of, we are not acting on behalf of AWaDU in any way, shape, or form.  All content appearing on this blog reflects an intense desire to fight superfluous bureaucrats in all of their guises and take back the university for those who produce and use it.

Still loathing the careerist bureaucrats,

Those Who Use It


4 responses to “Disclaimer: This blog is not run by AWaDU

  1. if it looks like a duck, and blogs like a duck…

  2. Then it’s a duck, not AWaDU. Do your birdwatching elsewhere.

  3. And AWaDU love you anyway!!

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