Another home visit by UCPD

We have received word of yet another home visit by UCPD pigs in an ongoing effort to intimidate students who were arrested and/or spoke to media at the Regents’ meeting at UCSF on November 17.  This puts the verified total at 4 in the last week, and we are still looking for confirmation of another 3 possible cases.  The latest case is a Berkeley undergrad who was arrested in the parking deck on the 17th and charged with obstructing an officer.  On Monday, November 22nd around 9:30 am, two UCSF cops reportedly showed up to her off-campus apartment, though thankfully she was already out of town for Thanksgiving.  Her building manager spoke with the officers, who told her to tell the student that they wanted to talk about “anything else [she] saw” at the meeting.

Why the hell are these pigs continuing to harass students at their homes?

What further information following a non-violent protest arrest (with vague obstruction and resisting charges at that!) could possibly be useful to any ongoing case anyway?  Are these pigs out of their minds?

We’ve had enough. We will not stand for this level of intimidation.  As we’ve reported before, the ACLU is already involved, but we won’t leave this up to the judicial arm of the state.  Let’s build a campaign to get these pigs back in line. When we return from break, let’s meet to figure out how we’re going to stand up to this increased level of repression.  Enough is enough. Let’s organize against these pigs and show them that we will not stand by as they act as the armor of coercion protecting UCOP and the Regents as they force us into debt slavery.

Pigs off our campuses!  Is this a university or a crime scene?

Stop intimidating students at their homes!  We are documenting this continued harassment, and we’ll see you in court!

Let’s build a campaign to check these pigs!  We can start by organizing around getting Kemper fired immediately!


9 responses to “Another home visit by UCPD

  1. lets start the new free speech/expression movement!

  2. Dear TWUI, I respectfully disagree that this move starts with getting Kemper fired immediately.

    No, I offer no defense of his actions whatsoever (and suspect none is possible). But I think the historical record is very clear that focusing efforts on a culpable individual is exactly what not to do. even if this is not the intent, it has the effect of providing a sense of justice or relief (in the legal sense) without making any systemic change — the “bad apple” or “human error” model which will cheerfully throw one of its own under the bus to preserve its place.

    And indeed this almost always ends up being used as a recuperative moment, which paradoxically affirms (in this case) the “acceptable” forms of police repression: yes, you are quite right, we can’t have police drawing their arms in that situation, we are putting him on indefinite leave and sending our officers to sensitivity training for two weekends this summer, but you will understand that there is nothing to be said about tearing down posters, detaining students for chalking, beating Matt across the back, shattering Zhivka’s hand, pepper-spraying civilians, the occasional taser-burst…

    Cops off campus now. Kemper goes with them. This is the first demand, not our second. Yours from the mysterious east, J.

    • @Jane: Well said.

      We must question the system as a whole, not just a single officer, or even the UCPD.

      Our universities are rotting; as dead as the society surrounding them. There are many underlying socio-economic issues that are causing the degradation of education. We must focus on the root of the cause, instead of placing a band-aid on a broken limb.

      Truly, Another world is possible.

      G.T. Press

      P.S. Thanks for the constant updates.

  3. Comrade J and friends over at GT:

    We couldn’t agree more and wrote up these notes in haste. There is a way in which a “Fire Kemper!” campaign could be used to build enthusiasm around a broader “Pigs off our campuses!” campaign, i.e. using a concrete but localized victory as a means of building for a longer-term offensive. It’s really a question of whether we can put forward a maximum program and still gain support, or whether we’ll need this popular support in the first place. At the same time, you’re absolutely right that focusing on individuals won’t get us anywhere. So Kemper gets fired, and everyone gives each other high fives and goes back to work. Fuck that. So how do we actually gain support for a “Pigs off our campuses!” position without more immediate proposals along the way? Do you really think the maximum program is achievable?

  4. Well I guess the puzzle is: I don’t see how the firing of Kemper will lead to Cops Off Campus, but I do see how it won’t lead to it. So even if there is no evident mechanism to set forth that program, there’s no evidence of an alternate mechanism that will lead there by other means, so why not just start trying? It won’t happen via an administrative procedure — that much is obvious. So what are the options? Confrontations. Postering. Picketing the campus police station. Chalking COPS OFF CAMPUS on Sproul Hall every day and seeing if they arrest someone every time.

    We all know that if Mehserle has become a grocer, some other cop would have shot some other African-American kid. Kemper = Mehserle, just a Mehserle who knew everybody was watching.

  5. one way to talk about getting cops off campus is latin america-style university “autonomy.” though in mexico at least universities still have their own security forces (but without guns)…

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