Great news from across the pond

Nearly 2 dozen universities were occupied in the UK today for a national day of action against the Tory scheme to jack up fees above £9,000 (effectively tripling them in some cases), though of course it should be remembered that it was Blair and New Labour that reintroduced fees in the first place.  Likewise, this would not have been possible were it not for the Liberal Democrats reneging on their promise not to raise fees.  We can’t say we’re surprised.  This comes just two weeks after 52,000 students took to the streets, culminating in a breakaway march occupying Tory headquarters.  Keep an eye out for developments all over the country.  Occupy CA has an excellent list of resources, as does what appears to be the self-proclaimed coordinating body for these actions, the National Campaign against £ees and Cuts.  (You know things are good when the rough equivalent of our statewide coordinating committee is posting hourly videos of new occupations!)  Good London updates here.

“I wish they weren’t breaking things, but this is what happens when they ruin people’s futures.”

Get him!

Take back your university!  This one’s for you, Nick Clegg!

Students attack a police van on Whitehall

The university belongs to those who use it!

Solidarity with our counterparts in the UK!

Occupations spread across the UK. Click the map to make it interactive.

Shut down the university in order to transform it!


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