UC picks our pockets at the barrel of a gun. What are we going to do about it?

Update from a comrade who was posting these fliers today: “Cops are taking the flyers away from folks even if they are posted in ‘designated areas.’  They have written a couple folks up for ‘association.’  They said they are worried for Kemper’s (the cop in the flyer) life. And here I thought we were the ones worried for our lives? Meeting tonight 6pm at 370 Dwinelle. Stop the repression!”

Another update: One contributor to this blog was told by one of his students — he works as a GSI at Berkeley — that on the way to class, she was confronted by UCPD and written up for posting this flyer.  When she asked if there were campus regulations prohibiting posting flyers on the public bulletin boards on Sproul Plaza, she was told that the problem wasn’t unauthorized posting but the content of the flyer.  This flyer is a direct threat to the cops’ own safety, she was told.  Similarly, last night UCPD tried to force their way into the post-Regents’ meeting planning meeting in Dwinelle.  Thankfully this was videotaped by a comrade.

Yet another update: UC Rebel Radio reports that yesterday 5 UC Irvine students were detained for chalking about the fee increases.  Nothing incendiary whatsoever — not that it should matter, but this makes the situation especially preposterous.  We have also heard a report from at least one East Bay resident maced at UCSF yesterday that the pigs showed up to his house at 10 am this morning to let him know that all UCPD goons now know his face.

Suspend Kemper without pay immediately!  We want his badge!

We’re students and workers, not criminals!  Stop treating us as such!


8 responses to “UC picks our pockets at the barrel of a gun. What are we going to do about it?

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  2. Kemper is one of ours. We’ll get some fliers up.

    • @UCI student: Fantastic to hear. Push for his immediate firing and we’ll back you here at Berkeley. We posted 2500 flyers with his face this morning alone. Let us know what we can do.

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