Protest at Regents’ meeting marked by indiscriminate police violence

Suspend UCPD Officer Kemper immediately without pay!

By 8 am this morning, at least a couple hundred students and workers were marching in a picket line in front of the main entrance to Rutter on the UCSF Mission Bay campus, site of the Regents’ meeting.  By 9 am, two contributors to this blog were in cuffs.  Just before 9, a few dozen of us blockaded the exit stairwell from the parking garage in order to prevent the Regents from making it to the meeting.  We of course expected a bit of shoving and a flurry of baton jabs from UCPD, but when two of our comrades were thrown to the ground — and not even for participating in the blockade — we were a bit taken aback.  When they were beaten, cuffed, and hauled away, we knew this would be a long day.

Our comrade is beaten by the pigs before being charged with resisting arrest and obstruction. We apologize for the poor quality of this photo, but the photographer was being beaten as well.

Just moments later, the cops began to charge students who refused to budge despite the arrests, slamming them in the back with batons.  The shoving grew so intense that one UCPD officer named Kemper slammed through the line and knocked an elderly woman onto her back on the concrete floor of the parking deck.  This woman would only identify herself as “staff,” but based on her getup the crowd assumed she was a Regent.

Officer Kemper immediately after he knocked an elderly woman onto her back. Again, pardon the bluriness; the photographer was simultaneously attempting to hold the line. Note that this is the same pig who drew a gun on unarmed students a few hours later.

Students ensure that no Regent can enter or exit from the parking deck

Once it was confirmed that all Regents had entered the meeting, we left the deck and rejoined the picket at the front entrance, which soon made its way to the back, where riot cops lined barricades.  We remained a few hundred deep at this point.

Only moments later, students rushed the barricades, dragging them away from the building.  A contingent of students pushed through the pigs into the building but were promptly beaten and pepper sprayed.  This was followed by indiscriminate macing of the crowd, as evidenced by this video:

Fuck your barricades!

After a standoff in which nearly everyone got at least a whiff of pepper spray, we marched around to the parking deck once again, this time with close to 300.  It was here that Office Kemper pulled his gun — unprovoked — on the crowd of students.  It remains unclear why this occurred, though the majority of the 16 arrestees were asked while in custody whether they’d seen the gun, and subsequently about an alleged incident in which a protester reportedly grabbed a baton from a cops.  Having been on the scene, not only do we know this is a baldfaced lie, but we wonder how in the hell these pigs are going to spout a lie identical to that used during the Oscar Grant arrests on Nov. 5.  There, over 150 illegal arrests without dispersal order were justified ex post facto with a vague description of someone who they claimed grabbed a cop’s gun; here, this pig Kemper pulled a gun on unarmed UC students, and this is apparently justifiable if a student grabbed a baton…which did not even occur.

Kemper, Kemper, watch your temper!

Good luck keeping your job, Kemper. Wait for it... Wait for it... NOT!

We’ll post a more detailed account with more photos once we get some rest, but for now, we want to urge all of our East Bay viewers to come to a planning meeting for actions timed to coincide with the Regents’ vote on the fee hikes tomorrow.  We will be meeting at 6 pm tonight in 370 Dwinelle on the UC Berkeley campus.

UCPD off our campus!  Suspend Officer Kemper without pay immediately!

Down with the fee hikes!  Rescind the 32 %!


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