Spread word about next week’s actions!

It’s essential that we get word out about both the California Hall action at UC Berkeley on Tuesday and the attempt to actually shut down the Regents’ meeting on Wednesday.  While plans are getting off the ground and a core group of organizers is doing fantastic work, this information has yet to make its way to the general student body.  Let’s change that.

Blast the following information over email and Facebook; print out flyers and paper the campus; hand out quartersheets during the lunch rush; coordinate a banner drop.  However you go about it, let’s get the word out immediately.  We don’t have much time if we want this action to succeed, so let’s use what we do have as best we can.

The two key pieces of information:

Tuesday, Nov. 16: Gather outside of California Hall at 6:30 am.  Here at Those Who Use It we treasure our beauty rest, but sometimes you need to make sacrifices.  We’re not trying to tell these bureaucrats what we think; we’re trying to show them.  That means that we need adequate forces there by the time people attempt to enter the building.

Wednesday, Nov. 17: Reserve a seat on one of the buses departing from Allston and Oxford (from 2161 Allston to be exact).  The latest information we’ve heard is that the first bus will leave at 6:55 and the second at 7:35.  We know it’s early, but you can sleep on the bus.  We need numbers if we are going to pull off an action that can actually shut down this meeting.  Come, and bring all of your friends and comrades!  You can also reserve a seat by calling (510) 848-8783.

Spread this information far and wide!

Let’s show these scumbags what happens when they try to raise fees yet again!


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