The actions are working, keep up the pressure!

Emailed this evening to the entire UAW 2865 membership:
Dear UAW Local 2865 members,

We concluded another bargaining session with the UC administration this evening. The UC made significant movement toward us in the area of childcare, undoubtedly due to the activism of members around the state. This progress, however, was overshadowed by a proposal the Regents will consider next week to change the name of the Educational Fees to “Tuition.”

Today we learned from sources not on the UC’s bargaining committee that UC has been planning this change for months, although they had not planned to reveal it publicly until tomorrow. Here’s a document outlining their proposal: <> . Despite its implications for our members, the UC’s bargaining committee never told us about this proposed change. When confronted about this information today, UC’s bargaining committee would not deny that this name change is an attempt to eliminate our fee remissions. As such, the UC proposal is regressive and unlawful.

Moreover, Educational Fees cost academic student employees from $9,402 to $10,206 a year. If the intention of the proposed name change is to shift this economic burden back on to ASEs, this is an outrage and must be stopped.

Once again, UC ended negotiations unlawfully and unilaterally saying they did not have the authority to finish bargaining the contract and would not schedule another bargaining session. Our contract is set to expire on Monday.

In addition to continuing to mobilize for an unfair labor practice strike, we are working with other UC unions and the UC Students Association to protest proposed fee hikes and the change from fees to tuition at the upcoming Regents meeting, which will be held at UCSF November 16-18.

If you’re in Northern California (or can be) please plan on joining the protest. For more information or to get involved, please reply to this email or contact your campus office (

In solidarity,

UAW Local 2865 Bargaining Committee


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