First Wheeler conduct hearing concludes

Tonight was the conclusion of our close comrade’s conduct hearing for her participation in both the A&E and Wheeler occupations last November.  The case has garnered quite a bit of attention, culminating in a front page story in today’s Chronicle.  Our comrade’s trial commenced two weeks ago, and a couple of us attended the proceedings.  After 10 grueling hours, the panel decided to hold the sentencing portion at a later date…


Before sentencing however, a number of character witnesses were called, the first of whom was none other than Judith Butler.  Butler testified passionately about the meaning and strategy of occupations and other forms of direct action, and she was followed by a number of our comrade’s close friends and associates.

Note Butler to the far right, our comrade to the far left, and a panel of superfluous bureaucrats and their collaborators in the middle

The recommendation on the table from the Office of Student Conduct was a full year suspension.  This from the office that relishes in flaunting its so-called “educational purpose.”  Despite the generally iniquitous role played by a blatantly partial math professor, a complacent and careerist undergrad, and the rest of their co-panelists, our comrade’s defense prevailed.  The panel recommended not a year’s suspension, but disciplinary probation and 80 hours of community service.  While we maintain that this sentencing is horseshit and continue to demand that OSC drop all charges against student protesters, we are also thrilled that our comrade has avoided suspension and wish to extend to her our deepest congratulations.

The panel’s recommendation will now go to a bureaucrat in the Dean of Student’s office who will then likely increase the severity of the sentence without explanation.  This is precisely what happened to another of our comrades who was sentenced early last month for his participation in the A&E occupation.  After his panel recommended a warning and a re-education letter, a low-level bureaucrat employed by the housing office arbitrarily jacked up the sanction to disciplinary probation, no explanation given.

Yeah?  We’ll see you in court!

You got served!

In fact, the math professor chairing the commission was served with papers at the hearing tonight.  Our comrade is suing him in small claims court.  From now on we will take anyone who participates in this charade to court!

No show trials on our campus!

Drop all charges against student protesters!


One response to “First Wheeler conduct hearing concludes

  1. more on the lawsuit of professor paul vojta, chair of multiple student conduct hearing panels, here.

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