3rd spokescouncil tomorrow evening: Final meeting to build for the actions on the 16th and 17th

Tomorrow (Thursday, November 11) is the third and final spokescouncil before next week’s actions timed to coincide with the Regents’ meeting.  We’ll be meeting in Dwinelle from 6-9 pm.  Just enter Dwinelle through the main entrance and there will be a sign posted with the location.  We need as many people as possible to come out and build for on-campus actions on the 16th and 18th and a coordinated shutdown of the Regents’ meeting at UCSF on the 17th.  RSVP here.  From the Facebook event page:

We’ll spend a brief amount of time checking in about plans and roles for 11/16, the rest of the meeting will be devoted to 11/17. If you know folks at *other campuses* this is the meeting to invite them to.

Enter thru Dwinelle east (main) doors, sign will be posted with room number. Come on time so you won’t have difficulty finding us.

In the interests of maximum organization, minumum bureaucracy, speedy planning, transparent decision-making and maximum self-care, consent and political autonomy – we invite you to plan and organize with people you are close to (using an affinity group model), and then coordinate your plans with a few doze…n people repping hundreds of others (at a spokescouncil meeting). The spokescouncil puts together people who may differ politically in a way that they can collaborate as much as they are comfortable without being reduced to a singular, although collective, “will,” and without being determined by the presumption that the movement has a singular “general direction.” That way we hopefully respect, open space for, and help to proliferate the multiplicity of positions, actions, and tactics.

If you don’t have folks or an affinity group to work with right now- but want to help plan to shut down the upcoming UC Regents meeting – please come by!

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to choose your level of involvement – from finding others to work with and creating your own action, or plugging into plans already in the works. It’s also a perfect place for you to figure out where you want to position yourself in relationship to others and find your allies or collaborators.

It’s not an organization. It is a non-hierarchical means of communicating between/across self-organized affinity groups.

It is faciliated to stay on topic and to keep any one group or individual from dominating the discussion or planning.

An affinity group is a group of people (3-20 people – or whatever works well for you!) that acts/organizes/makes decisions together, trusts each other, and takes care of each other.

Affinity groups might get together for just one day of action, or they could hold regular meetings and build strategy and campaigns over a long period of time.

A spokesperson (“spoke,” or representative) of an affinity group goes to the spokescouncil meeting to represent the intentions/plans/skills/offerings of their affinity group and sees how they might or might not collaborate with other affinity groups… The spoke takes info from the spokescouncil back to their affinity group.

In this way, we hope to organize across different campuses and with thousands of people.

Last week some groups sent a spoke while other groups came with all their members. You’re free to do either, but this time let’s try to give priority to having the spokes speak and the rest of each group (if present) can hang back…



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