Reminder: Simultaneous actions tomorrow at Berkeley and Santa Cruz

Tomorrow at Berkeley we’ll gather at 11:30 at Sather Gate and hold a brief rally before we march to Labor Relations and meet up with our comrades from CUE/Teamsters.  (If you can’t make it to Sather by 11:45, meet us at noon at the Labor Relations office at 2150 Shattuck Ave., Ste. 750.)  We’ll be joined by members of AFSCME 3299, UPTE 9119, and UC-AFT as we storm the Labor Relations office and demand that the UC bargain with our representatives in good faith.  We are under no illusion that these bureaucrats will (or can) grant us what we want; the point is to flex our rank-and-file power as the UC continues to refuse to bargain with UAW tomorrow in LA.  We’ll see who has the last laugh when we strike on 9 UC campuses during finals…

March route from Sather Gate to Labor Relations office

No two-tier pension plans!  Stop dividing workers!

Fair contracts for all UC workers!  Stop stalling!

All fee hikes off the table!  Rescind the 32 % increase!

No bullshit child care “packages”!  Who the hell can support kids on $450/semester?!

Meanwhile our counterparts at UCSC will be gathering at noon at Baytree Plaza in preparation for a gradein similar to the one we held at Berkeley recently.  This action is being organized by rank-and-file UAW members who are fed up with getting the runaround from the UC.  It’s time to start building for a strike!

Baytree Plaza

All out on November 9!  Let’s show the administration and the bargaining team that we don’t play!


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